Debugging android chrome from desktop

In mobile device

  1. Settings > Developer options on
  2. In Developer options, select the USB debugging checkbox:
  3. An alert prompts you to allow USB debugging. Tap OK.

Desktop chrome

  1. Need to check about android version and install specified android debugging suite.
  2. On your desktop Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://inspect. Confirm that Discover USB devices is checked:
  3. Tip: You can also get to chrome://inspect by selecting Chrome menu > More tools > Inspect Devices.

On your device, an alert prompts you to allow USB debugging from your computer. Tap OK.

If you have problems finding your device on the chrome://inspect page

enable USB debugging (Android 4.3).

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Click About.

Step 3: Open Software information.

Step 4: Tap Build number continuously until a pop-up hint informs you that you’ve entered the developer mode.

Step 5: Return to Settings.

Step 6: Find and open Developer options.

Step 7: Select USB debugging and click OK.


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