AWS EC2 server connect through filezilla

Please find below steps to connect “AWS EC2 server connect through filezilla”.

  1. Download “PPK file” from AWS ec2 server. (AWS allow only once allowed to download PPK file)
  2. Copy public url from ec2 instance like this “ec2-**-**-***-***.*********”.
  3. Open filezilla go to “Edit” -> “Settings” -> select connection type “SFTP” and the add downloaded PPK file here.
  4. Next go to “File” -> “Site Manager” -> create new site.
  5. Paste Host with copied url from ec2 from 2nd step.
  6. Select Protocol “SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protoaol” and Logon Type is “ASK for Password” after the paste user name that will get from AWS ec2 server.
  7. Final step is click on connect it will ask “Password”.

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