Manually send a Confirmed Opt-In campaign to your contacts to confirm their interest

Please follow below steps for Manually send a Confirmed Opt-In campaign to your contacts to confirm their interest

  1. Click the Profile Icon and then click My Settings.
  2. Click the link by Confirmed Opt-in. If you haven’t enabled Confirmed Opt-in yet, the link will say “OFF“. If you’ve previously enabled it, the link will say “ON.”
  3. Read through the detailed information and then scroll down and make sure that “Confirmed Opt-in – On” is selected.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Check the boxes indicating you understand and agree with each statement.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Click “Send a Confirm Contacts Email (Optional).
  8. Enter an email campaign name and click Next.
  9. Continue clicking Next to fill out the:
    • Message Header – This includes information like the subject name, from name, and from email address. Make sure these are filled out appropriately so your contacts recognize the sender.
    • Introduction – Here you can add a logo and change the Title and Subtitle of the email.
    • Message – This includes pre-populated information that we don’t recommend changing. The message informs contacts that if they don’t respond, they won’t be able to receive mailings from you.
    • Email Signature – Here you can fill out your contact information.
    • Global Colors & Fonts – Customize the colors and fonts throughout the email here. We recommend keeping the color scheme simple.
    • Message Footer – This includes your physical business address and is required to be filled in.
  10. Click Save & Next to finish.
  11. Select the list that will receive the campaign and click Next.
  12. Choose the email campaign delivery date and click Finish.

Tip: Remember to turn Confirmed Opt-in off if you don’t want to make new contacts confirm their interest at signup.

Tip: Use fresh mail id for conformation testing…..


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